Professional Floor Tile Services in Randolph NJ

Jersey Floor & Tile is the forefront provider of Floor Tile Services in Randolph NJ, durable flooring solutions. With an illustrious 24-year journey, we have steadfastly served, epitomizing care, quality, integrity, and professionalism. We have been selling porcelain tile, LVT Vinyl Floor, Thin set, marble tile, and marble mosaic products to the US market. After extending our trusted expertise to numerous satisfied businesses, we are now delivering the same unwavering commitment to the heart of New Jersey. We maintain our dedication to nurturing customer relationships as fervently as we did upon our inception in 1999. It ensures the perseverance of our legacy of excellence. With each step taken on our floors, you tread upon the foundation of our experience and dedication.

Transforming Floors, Elevating Homes

At Jersey Floor & Tile, we're not just laying floor tile services in Randolph; we're enhancing the heart of your home. With our vast selection of luxury vinyl, porcelain, and marble options, we transform ordinary floors into extraordinary living spaces. Our expertise since 1999 ensures impeccable installations, while our commitment to quality elevates the aesthetic and value of every home we touch. Choose Jersey Floor & Tile — where we're transforming floors and elevating homes.


Wall Tiles

Experience elegance with our premium wall tiles services. We provide high-quality waterproof, and scratch-proof tiles along with expert installation services. Elevate your space ...


Elevate your space with our stunning and reliable porcelain solutions. Our porcelain has both strength and beauty for a refined space. Experience durability, low porosity, and impressive ...


Transform your floors with our cutting-edge LVT services. Experience versatility, durability, and unmatched style. Elevate your space with the perfect flooring solution.