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Jersey Floor & Tile is the vanguard of excellence that provides an unparalleled realm of premium LVT flooring. Our premium LVT flooring elevate spaces into galleries of bespoke artistry through exceptional craftsmanship. We are redefining luxury and refinement in flooring solutions, offering an experience transcending conventional installations. Your journey begins with the canvas of self-expression, as our custom design options weave intricate flooring patterns and color palettes, echoing your style for over two decades. We assure you that our top-tier LVT products sculpt the foundation of your environment with resilience, breathtaking realism, and enduring elegance. With an unwavering commitment to quality and distinction, Jersey Floor & Tile invites you to embrace a legacy of beauty and sophistication rooted in 24 years of mastery.

Top-Tier Materials

Take delight in the ultimate luxury offered by our Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring in Randolph NJ, where the fusion of lasting durability and captivating aesthetics creates a harmonious symphony. Our exquisite luxury vinyl tiles are made from the finest material, making our LVT scratchproof, waterproof, durable, and less porous. All these properties help them withstand the test of time and to infuse your surroundings with an enduring elegance that captivates. If you want your house to provide luxury vibes, our high-end LVT effortlessly elevates your space for luxurious living.

Why Choose Us

Legacy of Excellence

With a remarkable 24-year legacy, our unwavering commitment to superior quality guarantees the exquisite LVT for you with unparalleled sophistication that stands the test of time.

Exclusive Offerings

We are not limited to one or two outdated designs. We provide a large range of thoughtfully curated selections of exclusive product lines. Our LVTs showcase distinctive options that epitomize uniqueness.

Exquisite Customization

It’s time to elevate your space by infusing personalized designs and patterns. We understand that your vision and perspective matter greatly, and we always provide quality LVT flooring in Randolph for an ambiance that resonates with you.

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