High-Quality Floor SPC Services in Randolph, NJ

We are at the forefront of SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) expertise as we introduce a premium variant of LVT that redefines flooring standards. SPC showcases the pinnacle of rigid core flooring, comprising 100% waterproof properties and enhanced stability compared to traditional LVT. Our team’s profound insights into industry advancements have led our experts to master the intricacies of SPC flooring. This innovation is engineered using a blend of limestone and stabilizers, yielding exceptional durability and resistance to moisture. Our comprehensive services encompass expert installation, repair, and proactive maintenance of SPC flooring systems. It guarantees impeccable fit, impeccable appearance, and extended longevity. We ensure a flooring solution that combines cutting-edge technology with timeless durability, backed by our commitment to excellence.

Customer Gratification

Jersey Floor & Tile pays the greatest importance to top client demands with our SPC services because we know that excellent customer ratings are the bedrock of every successful business. We utilize only the highest quality SPC materials and never compromise on our morals during discussions. Our ultimate goal is to provide service that is so great that it leaves an everlasting impact on our client’s minds. We build trusting, long-lasting connections with our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations and providing memorable, positive service.

Why Choose Us


Our team skills have been polished by decades of experience, and they ensure flawless installations, leveraging their expertise to create stunning, long-lasting floors that elevate the aesthetics and value of your spaces.

Premium Materials

We source top-tier SPC materials and guarantee floors with exceptional durability, resistance to moisture, and a rigid core structure that maintains integrity in all environments.

Meticulous Installations

Our skilled professionals install SPC flooring, ensuring precise fits, seamless transitions, and minimal disruption. They provide SPC with a polished look and remarkable performance.

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